About Hiring an interior Designer : A guide to get started

By Donna Moss Interior Design | | Canada

About Hiring an interior Designer : A guide to get started

Are you considering transforming, enhancing, or redefining your living or working environment after being inspired by someplace you've been or seen published?

When you realize your home or office doesn't reflect your personal style and recognize the need for change, your first thought should be you need an interior designer. Why?

You need a professional to accomplish what you are hoping for with the least amount of stress, the most efficient use of time and money, the most options and the most fun.

Here's what to look for when searching for the right interior designer for you:

1. Experience and/or is licensed . Although it may seem like a good idea to use you neighbor's wife who dresses really well or an innovative creative person right out of design school,

nothing takes the place of years of experience, a portfolio, and satisfied happy clients to interview.

2. It is best to hire a designer who is unaffiliated with a specific store or brand, therefore not limiting your choices to what they are required to sell.

3. Most experienced qualified designers can work with many genres, but some cannot. Ask to see work which you can relate to for your own project.

4. Choose a designer who's experience allows them to recommend specific contractors or artisans to accomplish your goals.

5. Technology, as you know, is changing all the time. New products and new techniques require continuing education. Be sure the person you choose is involved in the industry in this way and

acquires CEU's offered by manufactures to educate designers .

6. Choose a designer who is available and willing to make site visits often. Eliminating problems or mistakes before they've gotten out of hand saves time, money and relationships.

7. Although this may seem obvious, it's important to feel comfortable around your designer. If you are intimidated by them, you won't ask the questions and they won't get the answers to be able to design a space for you and about you.