Business Spotlight: Donna Moss Interior Design

By Donna Moss | | Canada

Business Spotlight: Donna Moss Interior Design

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About Donna Moss Interior Design

Donna Moss Interiors was originally established in 1978 and was located at 2977 Whitney Avenue in Hamden, Connecticut until 1995. My studio has since relocated to my home in Hamden with additional meeting locations in New Canaan and Litchfield .

I provide a broad range of residential and commercial design services, including space planning, concept design and development, lighting design, bath and kitchen design, spa and indoor pool design, surface material selection, exterior consultations and much more.

Most people today have such busy lives, so I try to accommodate their meeting time needs by staying flexible on hours and location. I will travel to any location for my clients. I have done work in other countries, as well as the Tri-State area and am familiar with overseas shipping and installation as well. It all depends on the budget and scope of the project as to whether it makes sense to include travel in the expense of the project.

In terms of my design approach, I am a bit old fashioned. I like to draw by hand rather than on a computer. I can feel every inch of the space that way. I do offer all the latest technology, like 3D Rendering or CAD drawings, if the client requests, but I still start with hand drawing. Every day I receive information about new products and new technologies on the market and have an extensive library in every genre.

The Donna Moss Interior Design Difference

I am a designer with a wealth of experience; always trying to create a special and unique space for the client and their needs specifically. I believe there should be a special connection between the client and the designer, as they will have to be in each other's company a great deal time . As in any relationship where someone is going to have intimate knowledge about how you and your family live, work, and interact, chemistry, trust, and compassion are key factors.

My priority is to make life for a client or a community happier, easier, healthier, and aesthetically more pleasing. I learn something new on every job. Every project is equally important to me. The smallest project, where a client calls to say how happy they are, is no less important to me than the big ones.

I focus on providing first-class customer service. I genuinely love designing spaces that are appreciated and enjoyed, and it shows through my years of business stability and achievement. I owe a great deal to returning clients, which I believe says a lot . Owning and running a business with such an enormous portfolio of work which has survived through so many economic changes is my biggest accomplishment.

For a full list of my services, please click here for residential design and here for commercial design. To view my past projects, please click here. If you have any questions, or for a consultation, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me here.